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A Small Town Enemies to Lovers Christmas Romance


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She's trying to save her childhood home.

He's the grump who's trying to buy her property.

But when these enemies get snowed in together with only one bed, all bets are off.

When I first met Callum Reed, I thought he was one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen.

Until he opened his mouth and ruined it all.

Because the sexy-as-sin man dressed in a tailor-made suit is trying to steal my ranch from me.

Okay, technically, he’s trying to buy it from me, but I’d rather swallow a fruitcake whole than watch someone turn this beloved place into a bunch of timeshares for the rich, destroying Christmas at Holley Ridge.

The problem is that Callum Reed doesn’t give up easily, not when he stands to make millions off this property. So instead of walking away with his proverbial tail between his legs, he books a room at my inn for the Christmas season.

The last thing I need during this time of year is a modern-day Grinch staying here.

So I concoct a plan. Flood Callum with a tidal wave of holiday cheer, hoping he’ll flee in the face of too much festivity.

The last thing I expect is for him to actually enjoy himself.

Or volunteer to dress up as Santa for a group of foster kids.

Or help me in my last-ditch effort to save Holley Ridge.

As I start to get a glimpse beneath his gruff exterior, I can’t help but wonder if maybe there's more to Callum Reed than meets the eye.

This enemies to lovers romance features:

  • A grumpy workaholic MC who lost his Christmas spirit.

  • A sunshine FMC who manifests only positive energy as she tries to save Christmas.

  • A freak snowstorm stranding them with only one bed.

  • A meddling octogenarian whose mission is to play matchmaker.

  • A spicy small town romance that's sure to heat things up this holiday season.


"Sugar and Spice… Oh my, the Spice!"


"I loved every minute of watching Mr. Grumpy turn in Mr. Make Me Swoon."


"A touching, steamy Christmas novel."

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